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Privacy Policy


1.1. LuckyBits.IO states that they only collect the data which are strictly necessary to render the services derived from their activity and any other services and activities ascribed by the law, but they reserve the right to use the data in their databases to carry out statistical research on the registered users and the use they make of the Website.

1.2. To this end, the User entering any personal data in any electronic form or capture sheet provided in the Website is hereby informed and gives consent to the incorporation of the personal data supplied to the company by registering in the Website, completing any electronic form or sending any emails into the automated files owned by LuckyBits.IO.

1.2. Hereafter, the functionality of the website shall be called the Service.

1.3. Access to the website and the use of it under the terms set forth in the present terms and conditions of use is free. Where any uses and/or activities of the website are not free, LuckyBits.IO shall give prior, visible notice of the price of the activity and the corresponding payment method.


2.1. The User states that all the data provided are true and correct and undertakes to inform LuckyBits.IO about any changes which may take place.

2.2. Should the User supply any data from any third party, LuckyBits.IO does not take any responsibility for the compliance with the principles of information and consent and it is for the User to guarantee that he/she has previously informed the subject and obtained the consent to supply the data.

2.3. Access to the website and the use of it under the terms set forth in the present terms and conditions of use is free. Where any uses and/or activities of the website are not free, LuckyBits.IO shall give prior, visible notice of the price of the activity and the corresponding payment method.


3.1. Due to the fact that some of the contents of the Website may have a commercial or advertising interest for trademarks, companies, businesses or any other third parties which may directly or indirectly hire LuckyBits.IO to carry out their advertising campaign, the User expressly gives consent and authorization to LuckyBits.IO to transfer the data contained in their files to those companies which manage the advertising campaign whose content the User has accessed through the Website, with the only guaranteed purpose of analysing the effects and performance of the campaign.

3.2. These transfers will be regulated in a Contract between LuckyBits.IO and the transferee in which the purpose of the transfer will be clearly specified.

3.3. Except for what is provided in Clauses 2.1. and 2.2. above, LuckyBits.IO will not disclose the personal information in its files to any third parties without the express consent of the User and will only use the data incorporated into the files to give the User access to the service and, if the User has given consent, to send commercial communications, information on the product and service and/or offers and promotions.

3.4.Likewise, LuckyBits.IO guarantees that they will not sell, hire or transfer in any profitable way the personal data of the Users or the means or addresses to contact them, except in those cases in which it may be necessary in order to render the service. PROM0 C0DE : IreadPrivacy


4.1. The User has the right to oppose to the processing of any data which are not essential to conclude the Contract and to their being used for any purpose other than the maintenance of their contractual relationship, such as processing for advertising purposes. If the User is not satisfied with the processing indicated in this policy, he/she may contact LuckyBits.IO so that his/her right of opposition to the processing becomes effective.

4.2. Likewise, the User may exercise the right of data access, rectification, cancellation and opposition through this email address .


5.1. The service rendered by LuckyBits.IO contains or may contain links to third- party websites or media over which LuckyBits.IO has no control. This Privacy Policy is not applicable to the aforementioned websites. Therefore, any activity that the User may carry out in connection with the linked websites must be governed by their own terms, conditions, legal notices and privacy policy, for which LuckyBits.IO accepts no responsibility.


6.1. LuckyBits.IO will only send offers or advertising and promotional communications by email or by any other equivalent electronic communication means to those Users who have expressly given their consent to receiving this type of communications. Notwithstanding this, by accepting the Terms and Conditions of the Website and this Privacy Policy, the Users expressly accept and authorize LuckyBits.IO to send them offers and advertising communications linked to the Website or to campaigns and/or activities included within it or disseminated through it.

6.2 The User may refuse to receive this type of communications at any time by sending a notice to LuckyBits.IO in the manner provided in Clause 4.2. above or by following the instructions which appear at the end of our emails.


7.1. A cookie is a small text file which is kept in the computer of the User or in his/her mobile device and recovered in subsequent visits. There are two types of cookies, permanent and temporary (session cookies). Permanent cookies are stored as a file in the computer or mobile device for a period of time no longer than 12 months. Session cookies are stored temporarily and disappear when the browser is closed.

7.2. Cookies may be removed from the computer or mobile device by using the browser. To find out how to manage and remove cookies, just go to the “Help” tab in the browser to disable the cookies or, where appropriate, to receive a notice any time a new cookie is sent to the computer or mobile device. However, if the User disables the cookies he/she will lose some important features and functionality of the Website.

7.3. LuckyBits.IO informs the User that the Company uses cookies in the Website with the following purposes: (i) Permanent cookies to save the home page selection and to store User Data if he/she selects ‘Remember me’ at the start of the session. (ii) Session cookies when the User uses the product filter section and to check if the User has started a session.

7.4. Likewise, LuckyBits.IO uses cookies to identify, break down and classify the uses and accesses the Users may make of the Website and, specially, its various contents, in order to guarantee the correct operation of the usage site rewards/credits/gg coins/bits delivery system described in the Terms and Conditions of Use and the User. In any case, LuckyBits.IO uses cookies to improve and simplify the visits to the Website. In no case will cookies be used to store personal information to be disclosed to third parties.

7.5. LuckyBits.IO also uses cookies from third parties to collect statistical data in an aggregated manner through analysis tools such as Google Analytics. Cookies are used both in a permanent as well as temporary manner (session cookies).

7.6. By accepting the Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy, the User accepts and expressly consents to the use of Cookies by LuckyBits.IO in the terms and for the purposes stated in this Clause 7.


8.1. The User expressly authorizes LuckyBits.IO to store and use the IP addresses of application users in order to analyze trends and monitor the use of the applications as a whole. LuckyBits.IO does not associate IP addresses to any personally identifiable information.


9.1. This Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy may be modified, altered and/or replaced at any time, as a consequence of legislative or jurisprudential changes, changes in the criteria any competent authorities or in keeping with the practices, traditions and customs of the sector, and due to any changes decided unilaterally by the management of LuckyBits.IO, either for the aforementioned reasons or not, and they undertake to provide the User, in a visible manner, with sufficient information regarding the modification which the Privacy Policy may undergo.

9.2. In any case, the User accepts that the Privacy Policy in force which he/she assumes and accepts as a consequence of his/her using and browsing the Website once the modification has been carried out is that which is posted in the Home Page of the Website itself and accessible for the User at all times.

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