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1.1. This Legal Notice, and the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy made available to the User on the website, govern the User’s access to, use and browsing of the website (hereinafter Luckybits/LuckyBits or the Site), owned by, as well as all the rights and obligations of the User, and where appropriate, the use the User can make of the services and/or contents shown on the Site.

1.2. By accessing and registering for this Site as User, the User declares that he/she has read this Legal Notice and agrees to comply with all the provisions of this Legal Notice and where appropriate, of the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site, in such a way that, by using the Site, the User agrees to be bound to those terms.

1.3. Access to the Site, except as otherwise expressly stated or where this Legal Notice is modified to that effect is fully free of charge for the User.

1.4. This Legal Notice is deemed to be included in and to be complemented by the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy available to the User on the Site.


2.1. LuckyBits.IO is the sole owner, or is a transferee, or holds the pertinent licences and/or authorisations for the exploitation of intellectual property and/or industrial property rights on the Site, and of the entire content thereof (including, but not limited to, photographs, videos, written documents, either virtual and/or audiovisual, graphics, drawings, designs, etc.), as well as of the brands, logos, trade names or any other devices, software, computer programmes, utility models or databases which may form or have formed part thereof at any time.

2.2. Under no circumstances does access to and use of the Site constitute a waiver, transfer, licence, assignment, either in whole or in part, or authorisation of any kind for the exploitation, reproduction, public communication, dissemination, disclosure and/or transformation of the Site or its contents or of the intellectual and/or industrial property rights inherent therein.

2.3. It is also hereby expressly stated that the alteration, copying, reusing, exploitation, reproduction, public communication, making of second or subsequent postings, uploading of files, emailing, forwarding, using, processing or distribution in any way of all or part of the content included on the Site is not authorised in any way and is consequently prohibited unless expressly authorised in writing by LuckyBits.IO, or where appropriate, by the owner of the rights.


3.1. LuckyBits.IO informs the User that the Company uses cookies on the Site for the purpose of identifying, breaking down and categorising the use of and access to the Site by Users, in particular, to the different contents thereof, for the purpose of ensuring the correct operation of the point-per-use delivery system described under the Terms and Conditions of Use.

3.2. LuckyBits.IO may store and make use of the IP addresses of the Site Users for the purpose of analysing trends, identifying preferences, priorities of use or success rate of the Site content, administering the Site and monitoring the overall use of the Site. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is expressly stated that LuckyBits.IO does not associate IP addresses with any personally identifiable information.


4.1. LuckyBits.IO informs users of its data protection policy through its Privacy Policy accessible on the Site.

4.2. The collection and processing of personal data, and the exercise of user rights on such data will also be governed by the provisions of this Legal Notice and by the Terms and Conditions, and mainly, by the Privacy and Data Protection Policy, included on the Site.


5.1. LuckyBits.IO reserves the right, to its sole discretion, to review this Legal Notice at any time for legal or technical reasons, or due to changes in the provision of the Service or to the regulations. Should any changes of any kind occur, Users will be duly notified through the Site. If, upon being notified, the User continues browsing the Site and/or using LuckyBits.IO services, as applicable, the User will be deemed to have accepted the changes.


A. For the operation of the Site and its services

6.1. LuckyBits.IO does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the Site or its content. Where technically possible, LuckyBits.IO will give Users advance notice of any interruptions in the operation of the Site.

6.2. LuckyBits.IO will not be liable, and the User agrees not to hold LuckyBits.IO liable, for any damages of any kind that may result from lack of availability or continuity of this Site or its content, or due to failures in accessing the Site.

B. For the use of the Site and services by users

6.3. The User undertakes to make diligent use of the Site and the content and services included on or available through the Site, where appropriate. The User agrees to make reasonable use of the services or content, on the principle of good faith and in observance of the current legislation, morality, public order, proper conduct, the rights of third parties or of the company, in accordance with the possibilities and purpose they are intended for.

6.4. LuckyBits.IO does not guarantee that the use that Users make of the Site is in accordance with the law, this Legal Notice, and if applicable, any other Terms and Conditions as may be established, and which, by accepting such Terms and Conditions during registration, the User acknowledges to be aware of.

6.5. Access to the Site and the use made of the information and content included thereon will be the sole responsibility of the User. Consequently, the use made of the information, images, content and/or products described and accessible through the Site will be subject to the applicable national or international legislation and to the principles of good faith and legitimate use by Users, who will be fully responsible for such access and proper use.

6.6. In short, LuckyBits.IO is not responsible for any damages of any kind that may be due to the incorrect, inappropriate or inadequate use of the Site and/or its content by users, and does not accept any liability, either direct or indirect, for consequential damages or loss of income arising from the misuse of the services or content by the User or by third parties.

C. For Third-party content

6.7. LuckyBits.IO will under no circumstances be held responsible, either directly or vicariously, for any content, information, communication, opinion or statement of any kind originating from Users or any third person or entity and which may be communicated, disseminated, transmitted or displayed on the Site.

D. For content and services hosted outside the Site

6.8. The Site places at the disposal of Users technical linking devices such as links, banners or other elements that redirect Site traffic to third-party Sites, web pages or any other material managed by third parties over which LuckyBits.IO holds no ownership.

6.9. Accordingly, LuckyBits.IO is not responsible for and offers no guarantee whatsoever of the content or any other information and/or data hosted on the sites, web pages and material owned by third parties to which Users may be redirected, and has no liability for any information and/or data they may be requested on those sites, web pages or material.

6.10. Consultation, visiting, browsing and/or use of such third-party sites is entirely at the User’s own risk and the User must abide by the terms, conditions, legal notices and privacy policy, if any, of those sites, for which LuckyBits.IO is not responsible and gives no guarantee.

6.11. The foregoing is without prejudice to the provisions of Clause 7 of the Terms and Conditions of the Service included on the Site, and which must be read and accepted during Registration.

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