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What is LuckyBits?

LuckyBits is a website that allows you to win gifts, for no money. We offer you the choice to collect credits/points/ggcoins/bits by filling in questionnaires, viewing adverts or doing web registrations. You can exchange these credits/points/ggcoins/bits for gifts/prizes/virtual curency (BTC,ETH,BLK,BCH,DOGE,XPM,PPC,DASH,LTC) and vouchers to spend on shops, games, and on many others prizes.

How does this service work?

In our website there are advertisers that want to know your opinion about their new products or they just want you to register in their website or want you to view their publicity. In return for the time spent doing these actions, LuckyBits will give you credits/points/ggcoins/bits, which you'll be able to gather and exchange for gifts/prizes/virtual curency (BTC,ETH,BLK,BCH,DOGE,XPM,PPC,DASH,LTC), gift-vouchers, games, vouchers for shopping online, and much moreā€¦ If you send invitations to some friends, you will also get some credits/points/ggcoins/bits for every activity they do.

Does using LuckyBits imply any costs?

It's completely free, at least, in principle. There are some advertisers's offers which may have some costs. That cost would go to the advertiser, and it wouldn't be exchanged for credits/points/ggcoins/bits. This circunstance would be clearly marked. On the other hand, we must emphasize that there are lots of offers with no cost at all.

    Withdraw options:
  • Xapo: BTC
  • FaucetSystem: BTC
  • BitSkins: skins vouchers

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